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This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's just a woman reaching out to the mainstream media wanting "humanity"

Dept. of Energy Fraud Happened- The taxpayers were "raped" by a foreign company that does business with IRAN.
The Gannett owned Tennessean did NOT report stories to protect President Obama.


Looks Like NISSAN s in DEFAULT: The Bullying of a Whistleblower Who Tried To Warn America About the NISSAN Leaf Being Built WIth Outdated Technology & the Raping of the Taxpayers REALLY Happened!!! It's Time for RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE.....


NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches out to Vanderbilt University:  Sharyn Bovat has faith that the students at Vanderbilt will want NISSAN & Tennessee to Urge mediation.  The fraud is REAL, the discrimination is REAL, the inhumanity is REAL

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 NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat reaches out to Vanderbilt Professor John Haley

I’ve started a blog to get your attention. 
The issues are with Eric Holder’s office: Senator Corker sent them BUT they are doing nothing (it’s political)
I’m a whistle blower whose been bullied by the courts in Tennessee for 3 years.  I’m a mom and have been jailed 3 times on “trumped up charges” I’ve fought in the court for over 19 months. I’ve had death threats.  NOW lawyers want me to file malicious prosecution but the courts are so corrupt here ALL I want is for NISSAN to mediate.  My life in Tennessee has been a “horror story” .....

Nissan is committing major fraud and the state is letting them waste bond money.  NISSAN holds about 4 Billion in IDB debt.  They’ve started taking that money in 1982,  I’ve been told the company “keeps rolling them over” and can NEVER pay back the money.  The collateral for the DOE loan is a Rutherford County IDB bond and NISSAN does not have the technology to build the car they told congress.  NISSAN lied and used technology from the 90’s they needed the American DOE money because they had a cash flow problem  The VP of Purchasing Catherine Perez told me then Dominique Thormann the former SVP of Administration and Finance has used a “good ole boy” network to terrorize me.  It sounds crazy but it’s TRUE.  Please read about this.
Thank you 
Sharyn Bovat
FYI-  Did you know Mark Silverman of the Tennessean.  He knows about my situation and he’s covered up massive DOE fraud because it’s the president’s pet project.  www.sorrysilverman.com  www.GirlintheBlackHonda.com
http://youtu.be/1U0FsbTFzpA Video that Includes Issues with Matt Kisber & Reagan Farr and NISSAN IRAN
There is LOTS of DOE fraud with Japanese companies connected to Carlos Ghosn
Jack Sayad…. Yashima


Gender Cleansing is Happening in Tennessee & Maria is Ignoring it WHY?

Solyndra was Small Potatoes Compared to NISSAN


Why does Gannett, The Tennessean and Maria De Varenne NOT Report that NISSAN is one of the "few" car companies that does business with IRAN?  NISSAN is on the IRAN Watch List Too!!!  


Could Bob Dickey's News Dept. be Helping Eric Holder in Delaying Action Against Joe Arpaio JUST so President Obama Can Use Racism as Tool to Get Latino Vote


Mark Silverman fed Tennessee "crappy" journalism that was a LOT more digestible than what is NOW on the menu in the Gannett owned Tennessean: One NOW former subscriber said "we thought it couldn't get worse....Now reading it is just a waste of time"

"Nissan took the step of developing the Leaf despite uncertainties about how to fuel electric cars over long drives. At its Smyrna factory, soap drums are turned into rain barrels. Plates at the annual employee picnic become toys, like Frisbees" The Tennessean April 8th


Gannett Ignored Story of NISSAN dealing with Iranian Terrorist.... Instead on Sunday they "ran another puff piece"

www.IranWatchList.com  In 2011, Nissan was also awarded a contract, valued at roughly $1 billion, from the City of New York for the production of taxis beginning in 2013.

Nissan also received a $1.4 billion loan in 2011 to retrofit a Tennessee plant for building electric cars, becoming the first foreign-owned automaker to win a major contract with the Obama administration


Gannett it's Time to "Care" about Reporting News that Makes America Better:  It's wrong to ignore DOE fraud that involves a  company that takes tax dollars who's doing business (via their parent) with Iran

Sharyn Bovat is Fighting DOE Fraud

The NISSAN Leaf REALLY Cost About 80K to Make Gannett Knows & Gannett Looks the Other Way While Taxpayer Money is Wasted.


Vietnam Vets KNOW that Gannett has NOT told the "whole story" in reference to agent ORANGE. 
JFK ordered it & France Profited  

The CIA payed France/Michelin $600 per Rubber Tree that was destroyed in Vietnam.  Children who died were worth $120.   



For the latest go to





Post Traumatic Stress is REAL

Why does Gannett ignore the story of a whistle blower ?


Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean KNOWS that NISSAN has bullied Sharyn Bovat & still the paper is silent:   www.gannettmcnews.com

Why is the paper silent?
Is it the President's Pet Project?


NISSAN Whistleblower FACT Check:

discriminated... internal statistics show women in management were 20.9% in 2006 and 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat whistle blew.

NISSANreally did” take 1.4 billion DOE dollars for car that they knew would fail. A NISSAN executives communicated to the whistleblower that NISSAN could not pay all their debt.

NISSAN has almost 4 billion in Rutherford County IDB bond debt: insiders at the company know their working for a figurative “Greece”. Bovat testified at the Tennessee state capital COJ hearing that NISSAN employees told her of problems because they did not like seeing their company commit fraud against America. They know the operating margins. The DOE loan & IDB bond money will never be paid back.

NISSAN’s parent Renault does Business with IRAN. Why did the DOE loan 1.4 Billion using the Treasury Bank to a company that has an “alliance” with a country that wants to kill American?

Bottom Line: For the state to prosecute a misdemeanor for 19 months - have me jailed 3 times and to spend all the money prosecuting me for a crime that's = to a speeding ticket is INSANE.
NOW I have to pay a $50 fine

Tennessee traffic tickets are classified as a Class C misdemeanor

(e.g. Tennessee Speeding Ticket),
So NOW I rebuild my life. I was just invited to a couple "cool" parties in Washington DC.
I will also launch a blog about Green Fraud: I look forward to blogging a CPAC.
Also, I will try to get a job and "maybe" I can finally say "good bye" to Tennessee.
I asked the former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman if he knows any republicans and asked him to "help" me get a job. He's a decent guy and KNOWS i was "railroaded".
To those of you I've emailed so many times.... THANK YOU for reading.

It was scary! NISSAN has a LOT a lawyers...

Sent: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 8:20 am
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Contacted by Randy McClain & asked About Court Then He Puts NISSAN Puff Piece on Front Page....Bovat Fears Jury Could Become Bias

Tennessean Business Editor Wanted to Know When My Court Date Was, Why? To Do This?

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From: McClain, Randy <ramcclain@tennessean.com>
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Sent: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 12:23 am
Subject: Re:........NISSAN Fraud

 Is your court hearing coming up

I told Randy YES and had a Jury Trial on Feb 1st...then on the FRONT page of the Tennessean (a Gannett paper) he did what "2" people have labeled "Jury Tampering"
Both said if I lose I have "great grounds for appeal".

Someone said David vs. Goliath. Sadly I don’t think my fight in the Tennessee courts will be as evenly matched as that one. I’m leaving the court case tomorrow up to my lawyer and then I’m going to get DC and communicate the problem & work to get the feds to investigate. 

Also, this is an example of media bias. What Randy McClain did by not including the issue of the Rutherford county 3,950,000,000 idb debt of NISSAN is morally wrong. Most likely "one" of the members of the jury will read the Tennessean and they can "talk" about the good things Nissan does for the community. I would hope NOW the judge lets me talk on WHY I whistleblew.

If you watch the You Tube... Sharyn Bovat's "issue" with Gannett and DOE Fraud makes sense. In just 6 minutes you'll understand WHY the whistle blower has been abused

Still my trial is tomorrow. It's HORRIBLE had Randy not directly emailed me I'd have no reason to feel violated. The Tennessean has ignored a whistleblower being jailed 3 times and NOW the paper is helping the prosecution? 

 I want written assurance from the DA’s office that copies of the Tennessean from today are NOT in the jury room . Also that the jury consist of nobody related to a NISSAN employee & that their company does NOT do business with NISSAN.

 Note the DA did not hire a special prosecutor (at least for the trial. Now I believe ADA Terry Wood is doing the case, I got the impression that Joe Baugh was a “special” prosecutor because my 1st lawyer told me he was …that lawyer quit after he was called from Mr. Baugh and he told of the “magnitude” of my case. After that I went MONTHS trying to find a lawyer. Nobody wanted my case.

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From: 1st lawyer
To: sharynbovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 12:20 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: sharyn bovat


While I understand that you have definitely been wronged, I do not feel that I can take on a case of this magnitude with my current schedule.

Thank you for your understanding. Good luck.


The Article does NOT mention to 3,950,000,000 Rutherford County IDB. It says that the city has funded the short fall but expects revenue.

WHY did the Tennessean publish this KNOWING that I had a jury trial the NEXT day?    I feel “violated”   
Just last week in Davo Switzerland Carlo Ghosn was asked about jobs being shifted with the new auto plants in Mexico and Brazil. And Ghosn said the jobs in Europe and Japan are safe. He did not mention America.

Nissan has a LOT of lawyer to help in the prosecution of a 1st time misdemeanor. It’s terrifying. 

 I can’t stop crying. I’m just a mom who had a job and exposed a problem. When I did HR retaliated against me and I told them all I wanted was a good reference and training for a new career. They said yes. 

When I complained in June 2009 about my fear on how they were going to spend the federal money they decided to BBQ me.

 I’m terrified.  

I want is Respect!

Sharyn Bovat



Sent: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 1:36 pm
Subject: Tennessean/Gannett Editor Maria De Varenne is Getting Agressive & Americans
HATE the Biased Media that Ignores DOE Fraud: "This" is How the Republicans can WIN in 2012.. It's WHY American did NOT want SOPA...



Tennessean Editor Maria De Varenne: My story just hit a conservative blog :):) http://www.boogai.net/

There's a a reason WHY Americans did NOT want SOPA. People fear that "big business" is trying to hurt "Freedom of Speech".

I have just THANKED Mark Silverman, Bob Dickey, Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove for not bullying me with legal letters  http://gillespierove2012.com/

Maria De Varenne:  It's time YOU had respect for ALL People and that includes republicans.

Sent: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 11:38 am
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower: Maria De Varenne had a Lawyer Send her an Letter. Bovat Says it's WHY Americans are Against SOPA... Freedom of Speech

The new Tennessean editor Maria De Varenne had a lawyer from Waller, Landson Dortch and Davis send me a letter:

Sharyn Bovat does not understand WHY?

I've been blogging since June:
Does the Mainstream Media Fear My Issues will Become News?

Why did Maria De Varenne have a lawyer send Bovat a letter?

Mark Silverman has NEVER done that.
Bob Dickey did NOT do that.
Kate Marymont did NOT do that..

Mark Silverman told me Gannett did NOT send me a letter AFTER I started www.gannettmcnews.com because of "Freedom of Speech".

Maria maybe you should spend some time with your predecessor. He's a smart man!

Also I own www.CarlosTavaresRenault.com and NEVER did Carlos Tavares tell me to stop.
My issues are "real" and I feel like I'm being bullied.

Maria De Varenne.... There's a a reason WHY Americans did NOT want SOPA. People fear that "big business" is trying to hurt "Freedom of Speech". I want to resolve this "respectfully". PLEASE I have high blood pressure, my child has suffered having a mom that's a whistle blower and fighting for "another" one of my constitutional rights is not what I want to do. I have made it "quite clear" that www.mariadevarennetennessean.com is not affiliated with YOU or Gannett. Please call me "directly" if you have a problem.

Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Reply To Gannett Lawyer about Website..... Says Gannett Hurting Freedom of Speech.... Maria De Varenne Website Will Come Down

Mr. Harvey,

This is Sharyn Bovat & I have received the letter this morning 1/23/2012 9:05 am

Thank you for forwarding the letter to me and I'm confirming it's receipt. Also, I appreciate having 5 days upon receipt of the letter. FYI- I have not used that other email account because I believe it was "hacked into" and have not yet received the letter by mail.

Sir, I'm respectful to Gannett & to the Tennesseean.

NOBODY thinks that my website is officially a Gannett. So that part of your letter I disagree.

In fact people know it's a way for me to have "freedom of speech"

I've already told Gannet executive Mark Silverman that I'm planning on taking down a website for his birthday.

Sir, Not everyone at Gannett hates me After I started Gannett McNews I asked a Gannett executive WHY I did not get a letter and the Ben Bradlee winner said " Freedom of Speech". I guess his successor does not feel the "same" about the constitution?

The fact is "some" at Gannett understand WHY I've had to do the blog and that's because the paper has failed to inquire about a whistleblower who was jailed 3 times after reporting discrimination and fraud. My life is miserable as a whistle blower and I want to "not blog" I want to go back to work: www.nissanwhistleblower.com

In reference to the issues of my using articles: I believe I have used a "small" part of an article and then I have people "click the link" so that they can read the article on the Tennessean site: which actually gives gannett revenue. The only article in full that I'm aware of is on that was cached. Also the one that says that Nissan is 3,95 Billion in IDB debt (they are NO LONGER available for people to read. Sir, how can society know what is going on if Gannett deletes articles from the server?.

Part of the role of a newspaper is to provide knowledge to a community. The IDB debt is a big issue in Tennessee.

I will un publish the Maria De Varenne website as per your request: I think your bullying me still I want to obey the request. I don't want Maria do "swear out" a warrant.

What I would appreciate instead of signing the letter of demand is RESPECT.

I would like to sit down with you and have YOU explain to me about the copy write laws.

My understanding is since I have NO ads that I can put stuff up for educational purposes

I've seen other websites with parts of Tennessean articles. Are you aggressively telling them to "cease and desist".

I would like a response to that question in 48 hours. You NOW have my email address. It's "odd" that you used my old one since I've been emailing Gannett reporters for quite a while.

Mr. Harvey, I would like to become a blogger that HELPS society. Sir, can you help me understand HOW I do that?

Please meet with me and lets not start a legal battle. I just want humanity.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Sharyn Bovat




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Sent: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 9:02 am
Subject: FW: Attached letter regarding www.mariadevarennetennessean.com

Ms. Bovat:

Please see the attached letter, which was sent to another one of your email addresses on January 11, 2012.

From: Robb Harvey
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 6:10 PM
To: 'mawsebw@comcast.net'
Subject: Attached letter regarding www.mariadevarennetennessean.com

Ms. Bovat:

Please see the accompanying letter. We look forward to your anticipated cooperation.

Robb Harvey


Robb S. Harvey
511 Union Street, Suite 2700
Nashville, TN 37219
Direct: 615-850-8859
Fax: 615-244-6804




We are required by IRS Circular 230 to inform you that any statements contained herein are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by you or any other taxpayer, for the purpose of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed by federal tax law.
The information contained in this message and any attachments is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you have received this message in error, you are prohibited from copying, distributing, or using the information. Please contact the sender immediately by return e-mail and delete the original message

If I get ki

Gannett Allowed for a whistleblower to be bullied for YEARS and refuses to report stories about companies that discriminate and commit fraud "most likely" to increase ad revenue.  Society is NOT healthy with Gannett and the Tennessean lack of reporting on stories that matter.

Sharyn Bovat can PROVE that Gannett execs got "goodies"....  

call Sharyn at 615-944-7599


If Sharyn Bovat gets killed investigate the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn, Bill Krueger, Scott Becker, Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman, Erich Marx, Jon Brancheau, Joe Castelli, Tracy Woodward, Brian Carolin & others.

Also investigate the CIA..... Stephen Preston

WHY?  Did Sharyn Bovat's lawyer NEVER tell her his brother was the TOP CIA lawer.

Kline and Stephen Preston are Brothers....

  1. Stephen W. Preston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Stephen W. Preston is a United States lawyer who served as General Counsel of the Navy from 1998 to 2000 and in 2009 was nominated by Barack Obama as ...


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